jwboyer (jwboyer) wrote,

FC5 is coming, FC5 is coming

As many have already mentioned, FC5 is coming tomorrow. Lots of cool new goodies, even though some view this as mostly a "behind the scenes" release. A lot of great work went into FC5, and Fedora Extras 5 as well.

If you've been running rawhide lately, then you've pretty much got FC5 already. I tried to convince some people of that this weekend, but they still believe some magical updates happen immediately before the isos are spun. That is just crazy talk. Perhaps one or two small changes (like the /etc/fedora-release file), but overall today's rawhide should pretty much be FC5. So if you're really anxious and want to "risk" a yum update instead of using anaconda to upgrade, give it a shot. I've done it on 3 different machines and it's worked without issue.

However, if you do that you'll miss some of the "behind the scenes" work I mentioned before. Alot of work has gone into the installer, making it play nice with yum as a backend, etc. Some view this as groudwork for FC6, but I think it's great already. And system-config-packages has been destroyed by the (in)famous pirut for some of the same reasons.

Oh, and Tejas, pup hasn't been removed from FC5. It's still there. It's just packaged as part of pirut now. My assumption would be because the two tools share much of the same framework and are really just two different front-ends.

Great work to all those involved, both in Core and Extras for making this release happen.
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