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Fedora PPC [Jun. 19th, 2009|09:30 am]

I realized that I haven't blogged about the change in store for PowerPC when Fedora 13 comes about. Contrary to some beliefs, it's not because I am bitter or busy sobbing into a beer. Mostly, I've just been very busy lately.

I understand the reasoning behind the Board and FESCo decisions. I do believe that having a non-x86 architecture as a primary arch is a benefit to not only Fedora, but also to the upstream projects we consume. It helps keep code bases robust and portable and exposes maintainers to something a little different. However, given the statistics we have I can't really fault the committees for voting the change.

Instead I'll take a second to point out that if we want Fedora to continue to work well on PowerPC, we'll need people to step up and help out. While the change doesn't switch over until Fedora 13, I would almost like to get things in place and ramped up starting _now_. That way when the primary koji instance switches off, it should be fairly seamless.

So what do we really need in place? Well, we need to flesh out a SIG for starters. And behold, we already have a SIG wiki page. Though I will note it is very out of date and probably needs redoing completely. Aside from that we need:

- Koji builders. The Board has a request in to reuse the existing Fedora ppc builders. This will require some coordination, given that the builders will still need to be used for F10, F11, and F12 as primary builders and they can only talk to one koji hub (I think). So assuming the Board approves, we'll likely split a small number out for F13 and add more as other releases expire. Long term though, we'll need to come up with replacement hardware.

- A Koji hub. This would be the hub the builders talk to for the ppc secondary arch. It will also need a larger amount of storage to store all the packages being built.

- People. We so need people. People to fix bugs, people to run the hubs, people to TEST. People to TEST. Oh, and people to TEST.

Things we can work towards after we get some of the above in place:

- Releases. If we're at the point we can build the package set fairly regularly and test it out, then we can focus on some rel-eng type issues like composing releases.

- Updates. We'll need a bodhi instance running somewhere to manage this, and we'll probably have to sit down and think about how it's really going to work.

Sound like a challenge? You bet. But if it also sounds like fun and you want to help out, then let me know. Sign up for the fedora-ppc list. Subscribe to the SIG wiki page. Hopefully we can take our users (and yes, we do have users) and make them contributors. I know I'm at least going to try.

[User Picture]From: hedonist79
2009-12-09 12:45 pm (UTC)
Hi Josh,

can you provide an update about what's going on with Fedora PPC now? I've been running it since I got a Powerbook G4 in 2005, but it seems like F12 might be the last :(

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From: ext_233932
2010-05-08 12:55 am (UTC)


I certainly would like to see fedora keep it's powerpc arch even if it means unofficial as ubuntu has done. It's quite sad to see 3 big distro's quietly dump the powerpc arch, but really it's just one of those things as we continue to see low end systems completely ignored.

If I knew how to get yaboot to dual boot my current setup along with fed12-13 ppc I would not mind helping out if possible.
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