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When worlds collide [Sep. 16th, 2009|09:51 pm]

Every once in a great while, the worlds of parenthood and geekdom collide in somewhat amusing ways. As I previously posted, I had ordered some cables and they arrived today. I decided to go ahead and run the 100' ethernet cable from my upstairs office to the utility room in the basement. The intention is to move some of my more loud and hot-running machines down to the basement. More on that in another post.

When my two year old son heard I was going to run cable, he got really excited and asked if he could help. Of course he could. I never hesitate to do things with my kids that have even a small semblance of educational value. So I asked the 4 year old as well, but he was really more interested in building various forms of Lego space ships. He opted to just watch (occasionally).

I proceed to try and figure out how I'm actually going to get the cable through the floor and into the basement. This took a bit, but my son dutifully followed me up and down the stairs as I scratched my head a lot and generally tried to not let the frustration get the better of me (which is a lot harder than it might sound). Long story short, I changed the junction box in the office that I was going to start from to the one on the other wall and this made things immensely easier. No drilling required.

As I'm wrapping up, my son is beginning to get a paniced look on his face and keeps saying he wants to run cable. I let him pull some of the cable through the wall and this placates him for a bit. When I announce we're all done, he promptly bursts into tears and keeps saying "I run cable, I run cable". More frustration and head scratching ensues.

Eventually we figure out that he thought we were literally going to physically run around with a cable. So I grabbed the shortest patch cable I had handy, and we went outside and each held and end and ran around the yard. I'm sure this looked entirely bizarre, but 30 seconds of it was enough to satisfy him. Yet another geek-parent crisis averted!

From: ext_143970
2009-09-17 02:32 pm (UTC)
Your post made me laugh. I can just picture my son (whose 1 right now) when he is older doing hte same thing.
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From: bill_mcgonigle
2009-09-17 08:54 pm (UTC)
There's something about that age, boys, and a fascination with cables. My son couldn't leave any of them alone for a few months, much to my chagrin. Now he's almost three and demanding I get a laptop running for him (I think I can get PuppyOS running on a 64MB clunker I have...).
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