jwboyer (jwboyer) wrote,

F8 on the PS3

I have a PS3 now. I will never purchase any games for it though. No, instead I will use it for what any true geek would. Installing Fedora!

There was a last minute regression on the PS3 for the F8 installer that causes a traceback in anaconda when looking for the video driver. This is worked around by specifying "xdriver=fbdev" on the command line. After that, it booted the F8 DVD just fine, and is currently installing in text mode on my standard definition TV. (Gah, that looks like crap.)


- Spin up a rawhide boot.iso and install that instead
- Find some way of hooking it to my monitor
- Get it close enough to actually plug in the ethernet
- More stuff I think of later
Tags: fedora
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