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FUDCon Day 1 - pointless pontifications of a back seat driver [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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FUDCon Day 1 [Jan. 14th, 2009|08:43 am]

Wake up at 7am. Apparently my body will no longer let me sleep past 7am regardless of what time I go to bed. Get ready and head down to the lobby for coffee and food.

While eating my muffin, realize that I still have no idea where I'm going to actually get to the conference centre. Decide to be adventurous again and head out from the hotel around 9am. Walk around for a bit looking at the various MIT buildings hoping to see a sign for FUDCon. Alas, no. Head back to the hotel to look it up online.

Get back into the lobby and notice a gentleman wearing a red Fedora. Obviously this is a fellow FUDCon-er, so I just sit down and wait until he leaves so I can follow him (I would later learn that this was Jeroen van Meeuwen). Tag along like the weird guy that nobody knows as they head in the opposite direction of what I went earlier. I apparently have a real problem with going away from whatever I need to get to. Sigh.

Head up to registration, get my badge and T-Shirt (which look ridiculously nice), and promptly see pjones and a few others I met at OLS. Do the normal "how's things" chit-chat and then head into the main room for the kickoff. Listen to Paul F. get things rolling, and then get ready for a day of hacking. Or not.

Jeroen asks me to come to the Spins process "hackfest", so I head over there. Overall this went fairly well. I think the result is what it should be, with the Spins SIG taking on more stuff so that the Spin owners don't have to talk to 7 different groups just to get a spin produced. There are still some fuzzy things, like what exactly constitutes what we want as an "official" spin, but the process should help that along. I think it will naturally work itself out.

Break for lunch and grab some kind of yummy quizno's-esque sandwhich at Coci with Jarod Wilson and a few others. Head back and chow down.

Spend the rest of the afternoon floating around from one session to another. Stop into the Automated QA session for a bit with Jesse Keating and Will Woods and others. This seemed to be one of the most productive hackfests I saw. When I popped in, Jesse was already trying to assign work-items to people to go implement the ideas that had been kicked around. I offer a few lame questions about things and realize that I'm out of my league and fairly far behind at this point. Pack up and head out to do a bit of kernel config review.

Hack around for a while until 6pm. Then head into a room with Paul F, Mo, Greg DeK, John Poelstra, and bunch of others for the video roundtable. Had a lot of fun with this. I was actually really surprised at some of the things the Ambassadors group was doing and how passionate they were. It was also quite refreshing to hear Greg and Paul be pretty blunt and up-front about how things are going, what Red Hat is good/bad at, etc.

Wrap up the roundtable and proceed to grab dinner at CBC with a number of people from the roundtable, Jeremy Katz, and Dave J. Much hilarity ensues as Greg pays Colby $1.25 to download iFart on his iPhone, among other things.

Head back to the hotel for the night after dinner is over. Notice that one of the hotel clerks looks like an extra from the Beastie Boys Sabotage video and laugh at this for a bit. Crash.