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Fedora kernel position

As you might have seen Paul blog about, Red Hat has an immediate opening for a Fedora kernel maintainer position on my team. This is actually a fairly rare thing, as we don't have a lot of churn in our department and most of the engineering positions we hire for are primarily RHEL roles. If you have kernel experience and love working on fast-paced and frequently updated kernels, then this might be a good role for you.

The job writeup is accurate in terms of what we expect, but it is also kind of broad. That is primarily because the role is too. Yesterday davej wrote a bit about how working on a Fedora kernel is like getting a 10,000ft view of everything. It's actually a really good analogy, and Dave would know as he did it longer than anyone. We deal with a lot of varied issues, on an even more varied set of hardware. This isn't a traditional development job. Being curious and willing to learn is key to enjoying a distro kernel maintainer role.

That being said, we're also looking at ways to make a bigger impact both upstream and in Fedora itself. Filling this position is a key part of that and I'm excited to see how it plays out. If you're interested in it, please don't hesitate to send me questions via email or on IRC. Also be sure to apply via the online job posting here:

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