jwboyer (jwboyer) wrote,

LPC 2015 Day 2

I started day 2 of LPC with the Graphics, mode setting, and Wayland microconference. This was an extremely dense microconference with lots of information on what is missing in various areas and what has been in the works for some time. To be honest, I felt out of my depth several times. However, it was very clear that the participants in the session were making good progress. One side-note: nobody likes to use mics :).

The afternoon session was heavy in hallway track for me. I had some conversations with Josef Bacik around btrfs and Fedora (summary: not yet). I also spoke with him and another engineer from Facebook around how they handle the kernel across their various machines. It was an interesting high level look at what a company is doing at that scale.

I also touched base with Matthew Garrett on the secure boot patchset. This has been something that we've carried in Fedora since around Fedora 18. It hasn't really changed much at all, but the patches have failed to get upstreamed for a number of trivial reasons. There are a few follow-ups that need to be looked into as well though. Matthew plans on submitting them upstream again and I'm going to see what I can do to help them get merged. Hopefully the third (fourth?) time is a charm.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent catching up with some old colleagues and meeting a few new people from various companies. Conversation was wide ranging. We touched on technical topics as well as completely irrelevant things. However, I think the time was very well spent as one of the major purposes of conferences is to meet up with people face to face. Without that interaction, it is too easy to resolve a person to nothing more than an email address and that never works out well.

The evening event was held at Rock Bottom Brewery and it was delicious. We had some impromptu Fedora kernel team time over dinner and shared dessert. Once all the ice cream and brownie was gone, I turned in shockingly early. Apparently the jet lag and two late nights in a row were starting to wear on me.

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